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Waterfed Systems

tucker-4stageTucker 4 Stage RODI
Tucker's commercial work horse! This system will produce more water than others making your cleaning time faster! @ Tucker® we have the unique opportunity to produce 30" RO Membranes that produce nearly the same water as the leading 40" RO Membranes on the market and when we combine 2 of them you get the performance of 80" RO Membrane, but in a much more compact design. Hows that? We use much lower operating pressure RO Membranes than anyone else in the market. This RO Membrane technology is ONLY available in Tucker® branded systems and all other systems simply can't compare. @60 PSI this unit produces 1.5 gallons per minute @ 70 degree water temp @80 PSI this unit produces 1.91 gallons per minute @ 70 degree water temp w/ the RHG 110v booster pump this unit produces 2.3 gallons per minute @ 70 degree water temp Weighs approximately 95 pounds
Price $2,950.00
tucker-promoTucker 3 Stage RODI Cart w/FREE Reel
INCLUDES A FREE HOSE REEL AND 100' HOSE. The Tucker Cart is a 3-stage Pure Water system built on a lightweight steel frame. The frame is powder-coated to reduce wear and rust and the large wheels help to navigate rough terrain. System consists of a 40 RO, 10 DI, and 10" Carbon/Sediment filters. The Tucker Cart is a non-powered system capable of producing Pure Water on demand. Clean windows up to 4 stories or 40 feet high with ease. This Pure Water system will operate laying down or standing up. Garden hose fittings in/out. Features: 40" RO Filter 10" Carbon/Sediment Filter 10" DI Filter Pneumatic Tires 50 ft. of 3/8" hose TDS Meter Filter Housing Wrenches (2) All Tucker carts are now shipped with a new and upgraded RO Housing and fittings as well as a metal bypass and a pressure gauge for the RO Housing.
Price $1,925.00
ipc-hydro-tube.jpgHydro Tube
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Lightest weight (28 Lbs.) Portable RO/DI Cart
*Easily transported in and out of vehicles
* Rolls effortlessly on sidewalks, grass and up and down stairs
* Operates laying down
* Handheld TDS meter
* Produces pure water at less than $.03 per gallon
* Cleans up to 3 stories without a pump (Based on incoming tap pressure)
* Works on tap pressure only
* Easy change filters require no tools Technical Data
Dimensions 57" x 13" x 11"
Weight 28 Lbs.
Working Hose Length 50"

The HydroTube is compact and portable, easily moved in and out of vehicles, up and down steps, and across any terrain.

The HydroTube has the unique ability to product a high volume of pure water on normal tap pressure. The possibilities are endless and the system can be upgraded at any time with an electric or gas module. This includes a 4 stage filtration system which includes reverse osmosis, and deionization process to produce mineral free water providing for incredible cleaning action and spot free windows.

Eco-Boost - Add to your HydroTube for more power
* 50 PSI Boost
* Increase water production up to 2 times and increase productivity
* Clean as high as you can reach
* Can be used with two poles
* 32’ cord with GFCI
* Lightweight at 17lbs
* You may add either 1/2 horse Electric or Honda Gas module

Price $1,600.00
ipc-electric-hydro-tube-boost.jpgHydro Tube Electric Boost
The IPC ECO Electric Boost Pump/Motor module is easily attached to the Hydro Tube in order to get a significant boost in performance. Increases total water production by up to 2x Adds 50psi to your system, increasing the efficiency of the RO Membrane Includes a GFCI Plug w/ 32ft. of cord 110 Volt 60Hz 1/2 Horse Weighs 17lbs Includes mounting brackets and hose connection Stainless Steel head
Price $850.00
ipc-gas.jpgHydro Tube Gas Module
ECO Boost pump module easily mounts onto HydroTube. Boosts pressure by 50 PSI and increases water production by 2 times. Recommended for use with the HydroTube when cleaning surfaces over 3 stories tall. Can also be used to allow 2 poles to clean at the same time. 110V 60Hz, heavy duty 1/2 hp induction motor with stainless steel head with 32' cord with GFCI. This is a Honda pump.
Price $1,250.00
Hydro Tube Replacement Filters
Hydro Tube Replacement Filter Set includes 1 each of Sediment, Carbon and DI.

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Price $60.00
ipc-hydro-cartsIPC Hydro Cart
The IPC Eagle Hydro Cart has the unique ability to produce a high volume of pure water on normal tap water pressure. The Hydro Cart is a 4-stage filtration system which includes reverse osmosis, and de-ionization process to produce mineral free water providing for incredible cleaning action and spot free windows. The Hydro Cart is available with electric, battery, or gas engineboost pump options that are designed to increase productivity in low water pressure areas or when 2 or 3 pole cleaning is desired. The Hydro Cart includes 100 feet of industrial-strength hose that allows you to stay mobile versus being planted in one place when using this unit. Height 50”, weight 55 lbs.
Price $2,600.00
IPC Hydro Cart Replacement Filters
Replacement Sediment, Carbon & DI filters for the Hydro Cart.
Price $82.00
ipc-hydro-tube.jpgHydro Tube W/Pole Packages
These packages will include the Hydro Tube and pole as described. Pkg. #1 1.5 Story HT12FG Hydro Tube with 12’ telescopic Fiberglass pole, 5” goosneck and 14” Speed Brush 31.2# $1,900 Pkg. #2 2 Story HT24FC Hydro Tube with 25’ telescopic Fusion Carbon Fiber pole, 5” goosneck and 14” Speed Brush 32.9# $2,125 Pkg. #3 3 Story HT34FC Hydro Tube with 35’ telescopic Fusion Carbon Fiber pole, 5” goosneck and 14” Speed Brush 35.5# $2,650
Price $1,900.00
ro-membrane.jpgRO Membrane 40"
Reverse Osmosis Membrane 4 x 40" Ultra Low Pressure (80 psi) - Super High Flow. These newly formulated cartridges far exceed the performance of previous cartridges, offering enhanced contaminant removal, longer life and higher purity. Expected life of 100,000 gallons at 100TDS (can vary based on other factors). Replacement RO Membrane for either the Hydro Cart or the Hydro Tube or others requiring a 40" RO.
Price $475.00
unger-hydropower2jpg.jpgUnger NEW HydroPower
NEW / Improved features, improved benefits! The Unger HydroPower Ultra 1-Stage is the faster, safer, more cost efficient way to clean windows over cleaning with hand tools. The HydroPower Ultra system has taken all of the feedback from the original HydroPower systems and made them even better. Features: Improved ULTRA DI Resin bags with an intuitive color-coded system and a KeyLock feature for proper installation Improved water output--30% more than the original HydroPower! Built-in TDS meter to display the hardness of water coming out of the system Metal quick connect fittings at both the input and output Practical on/off valve to prevent leakage during transport This system holds 1 DI Resin bag at a time (with the green KeyLock on top and red on the bottom). You can purchase replacement bags either 1 bag or 3 bags at a time.
Reg. Price $510.00 $485.00 On Sale!
unger-hydrobagUnger NEW Hydro Power Resin
This style replacement bag is to fit the NEWEST Unger Hydro Power unit with the green head.
Price $80.00
unger-hydropower-resinhands.jpgUnger ORIGINAL HydroPower Resin Bag
Easy Resin Change FOR THE ORIGINAL HYDRO POWER The new QuickChange™ Resin Bags are an example how effective simple ideas can be. Pre packed resin bags save time and simplify resin change process - no more time consuming, inconvenient filling up of narrow vessels and no more spilled, wasted resin. Put simply, we have set a new benchmark for user-friendly design of DI filters. The QuickChange™ Resin Bags allow users to speed up the resin change process by up to 10 times - simply remove the bag with expired resin and insert a new one. Each bag is made from a water-permeable material and contains a pre-proportioned amount of Unger High Capacity Premium Grade Virgin Mixed Bed Resin. Supplied in a re-sealable airtight bucket. No more time-consuming emptying, rinsing and filling up of narrow filter vessels. No need to change the resin in advance before it has fully expired - QuickChange™ Resin Bags give you the flexibility to do this at exactly the right time, in seconds. The pre-proportioned size of QuickChange™ Resin Bags allows you to purchase and use only the exact amount of resin that you need. Packed for ease of storage and transportation.
Price $74.00
Virgin Resin. Mixed bed resins or mixed bed ion exchange resins are mainly used in the water purification industry for polishing process water to achieve demineralized water quality (such as after a reverse osmosis system). Mixed bed as the name states consists of strong acid cation exchange and strong base anion exchange resin. Typical applications include: - Ultra pure water production - Demineralisation - Condensate polishing
Price $110.00
The Phaser WaterFed® Cart is the only multi-stage filtration system that weighs less than the average bag of window cleaning supplies. Coming in at only 28lbs, this system is so easy to transport its hard to believe it's a WaterFed® system. This system produces 0.732 gallons of purified water per minute. This is a fairly common amount for a multi-stage filtration system that does not use a pump. The cost of a gallon of purified water is $0.016. This cost is so low because of the multi-filtration system. When filters are able to rely on other filters to take over some of the purifying responsibilities, the result is longer lasting filters. This is an awesome option for window cleaning professionals just entering into the wonderful world of WaterFed®. It has the low-cost upkeep of a multi-stage filtration system, but also has the lower initial cost beginners are longing for. Ideal for first, second, and third story windows, this machine is best for periodic users. The Phaser cart is the best option for people looking to enter into the spotless world of WaterFed®. The system is essentially assembled to look like a giant tube, with a handle for easy transportation. No need for extra frill or flair. This system is a straight shooter. The reason it's such a great deal for professionals just discovering WaterFed® is because it is easy to transport, easy to use, and best of all, has a lower overall maintenance cost due to its multi-stage filtration system. Minimum 60 psi required for optimal performance. Consider adding a booster pump in areas with poor pressure.
Price $1,000.00
phaser.diPhaser DI Filter
These new Phaser DI filters have been created to offer longer filter life. Replacing filters is easy! Simply unscrew the old, discard the housing, and screw on the new (don't over tighten). Cartridge is less messy and much easier and faster to change than a sock. They are rated for 10,000 gallons (Previously 3,000 gallons). These new filters also allow for your system to increase the pressure it can run, from 80 PSI to 130 PSI.
Price $64.00
phases-carbon-sedimentiPhaser Carbon/Sediment Filter
These new Phaser Carbon/Sediment filters have been created to offer longer filter life. Replacing filters is easy! Simply unscrew the old, discard the housing, and screw on the new (don't over tighten). Cartridge is less messy and much easier and faster to change than a sock. They are rated for 10,000 gallons (Previously 3,000 gallons). These new filters also allow for your system to increase the pressure it can run, from 80 PSI to 130 PSI.
Price $64.00
phaser-ro.jpgPhaser RO Membrane
Fast-changing, easy-to-use Reverse Osmosis (RO) Filter. 4 x 40 RO Filter Replacement Expected life of 100,000 gallons at 100 TDS (other factors may affect filter life) Fits Phaser.
Price $475.00
phaser-pump.jpgPhaser Pump
Add to your Phaser as needed for higher reach. 1 Horse Power produces 80psi, stainless steel housing, standard garden hose fittings and GFCI protected.
Price $345.00
The Tucker® caddy is a very simply mobile RO/DI system that has a small foot print.Great for those working out of cars or other vehicles with small compact storage demands.The caddy consist of 4 filters. The first filter is the Carbon Pre-filter. The carbon pre-filter removes the chlorine as it enters the system and protects the 2 RO membranes. The next 2 filters are the RO Membranes which remove the majority of the impurities in the water.The final filter is the DI filter that removes the remaining impurities not caught by the RO membranes and leaves you with spot free water.The system is built on a lightweight aluminum frame and includes a strap for carrying around the job site.The caddy will provide spot free water for one user up to 35’ at a tap water pressure of 50 PSI or more.
Price $1,650.00
tds-meter.jpgTDS Meter
Anytime you are using purified water you need to check your parts per million. When parts per million have exceeded ten, you will need to change filters.
Price $28.00
ro-bypass-valveRO Bypass Valve
When you are not needing to filter through the RO Membrane, use this valve to by pass the RO and use the Carbon, Sediment and DI only.
Price $27.00
roprotectRO Protectant
RO Protect is a quick and easy long-term storage solution for RO membranes. It protects RO membranes from biological fouling. Use this anytime your water-fed system will be out of service for six weeks or more. Simply add 1 package of RO Protect to 1 gallon of Pure Water. Instructions are included.
Price $22.00
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