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wagtail-arm-.jpgWagtail Angle Arm
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Angle Arm The Angle Arm is a versatile attachment that gives extra reach and improves access to awkward windows for instance cleaning the outside of a window from the inside. All the Wagtail tools simply push onto the Angle Arm. Attach the Angle Arm to a pole and it adapts Wagtail Squeegees.
Price $9.50
_0008_wagtail-slimline-handle-15Wagtail Replacement Handle
Replacement Handle for Wagtail Products
Price $13.00
wagtailhiflyWagtail High Flyer
One hand will get the job done; the high flyer allows for an instant change between squeegee and scrubber Roll and double pivot allows user to clean large windows while maintaining constant pressure on the window making for an effortlessly clean window. The High Flyer has a shallow angle from window to squeegee which prevents the squeegee from curling over the edges; this allows the user to have defined clean edges. 14 inch and the 18 inch.
Price $59.00
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