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triumph-orig.jpgTriumph 6"Price $15.00
triumph-angled.jpgTriumph Angled 6"Price $19.50
triumph-angled-soft.jpgTriumph Angled Rubber Gripped 6" (includes safety cover)Price $20.50
triumph-heavy-duty.jpgTriumph Heavy Duty 6" & Blades
For heavier clean up, this scraper blade is twice as thick.
Price $16.00
Triumph Holster
Right or left handed it keeps your scraper safely where you need it.
Price $36.00
Triumph Replacements Blades & TrackPrice $21.50
triumph-retractable-101.jpgTriumph Retractable 6"
A quick push with your thumb on the control button raises the shield to protect the blade or hide the exposed sharp edge.
Price $19.00
triumph-soft-straight.jpgTriumph Rubber Gripped 6" (includes safety cover)Price $18.50
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