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Steel Wool - Scrub Pads

Bronze Wool
This 000 grade fine bronze wools is commonly used on glass, woodwork, and marble. It is rust resistant and will last much longer then steel wool. Works well for stripping, sanding, smoothing, and polishing all types of wood and metal surfaces. Unlike steel wool, which leaves small fibers that can rust and discolor in corrosive environments, Bronze wool resists shedding, rust , and corrosion. Bronze wool cuts better and faster than sandpaper and other abrasives, with fewer scratches.
Price $5.00
White Pads
Non abrasive. Allows delicate surfaces to be cleaned and will not scratch glass.
Price $6.00
White Shark Pad
No other pad made compares to this one. The aggressive non-abrasive texture and elbow grease are a great team.
Price $5.25
Doodle Bug Pads
Price $8.00
steel-wool.jpgSteel Wool #0000
This is grade #0000 so it will not scratch glass.
Price $5.00
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