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Squeegee Channel With End Clip

moreman-2.0.jpgMoerman 2.0 Liquidator Channel
EFFICIENCY ***** - Reduced cloth prepping and detailing - Up to 25 % time saving AMAZING RESULTS ***** - Amazing results with less effort - No water residues in corners & edges SAFE *** - No need to reach out with a cloth - Plastic tips are gentle for the frame ERGONOMIC *** - Lightweight for easy and precise handling - Floats like air over the glass. These lightweight channels are "dog eared" to clean closer to the frames which means little or no detailing is necessary. Replacement Liquidator rubber are already "dog eared". Use with any style Moerman Handle. These channels can be converted to either a single unit squeegee/washer by adding the F*LIQ sleeve.
Price $8.50
moerman-overunder.jpgMoerman F*LIQ (FLICK)
Moerman’s F*LIQ washing pads are the latest innovation in the Moerman professional window cleaning tools range. Holding fast to their EASE-values (Efficiency, Amazing results, Safe and Ergonomic) Moerman designed this washing pad for lightening fast switching between washing and wiping. The pads attach to your Moerman Liquidator 2.0 channel with the F*LIQ clips that are already attached to the pad. The attached clips can be either placed on the under or top side of your Liquidator 2.0 channel according to your preference. The pad is made of high quality microfiber and has an absorbing pad sewn into it to hold more water. F*LIQ’s can be used in 2 positions, F*LIQ under for hand work and F*LIQ over for pole work, no need to change tools at all. The F*LIQ (flick) washer pads are thick & durable. Sizes are 10", 14" & 18".
Price $15.50
moerman-comb.jpgMoerman Combinator
Created to save you time and make you more money. It is an ergonomic, lightweight and versatile system that is great for pole work, residential and store fronts. The unique design of the washing sleeve makes it much lighter than other combi tools. Most combination tools use a standard washing sleeve. But only half of the sleeve is usable, so the additional sleeve material is holding extra solution and needless weight. The shape of the Combinator premium microfiber sleeve allows the Liquidator to get to the edges of the glass for perfect, detail-free drying and reduces the overall weight of the tool while delivering the perfect amount of cleaning solution and scrubbing power. Available in 10", 14" & 18". EFFICIENCY - Reducing cloth prepping - Don't loose time changing tools AMAZING RESULTS - Amazing results with less effort - No water residues in corners & edges SAFE - No need to reach out with a cloth - Reliable locking and click-on parts ERGONOMICS - Lightweight for easy handling - Light pressure channel
Price $32.95
Ettore Brass ChannelPrice $5.50
Ettore Stainless ChannelPrice $5.75
Steccone Feather Weight Aluminum Channel
Superior in strength and extremely lightweight. The 24" Feather Weight channel weighs less than a 12" brass channel! This channel has end clips.
Price $6.00
Wagtail Slimline Flipper
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Slimline Flipper This is the Slimline Squeegee with a microfibre pad attached by Velcro® clips. The fast action is achieved with this combination tool of washing and wiping with the one tool. No need to mop down with a separate applicator. Very light weight makes it easy on arm movements. The high quality blue microfibre pad flips under blade for washing, flip back for squeegeeing. Great for fast window cleaning by hand or pole. Includes rubber and pad.
Price $28.00
Wagtail Orbital Squeegee
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Price $24.00
Wagtail Orbital Flipper
The Orbital Flipper saves you time with its combination of pad and squeegee on the one tool. Flip the pad under the squeegee blade to wash the window then let the pad drop back to squeegee dry. This aluminum tool is very robust, great for most cleaning applications especially windows, pole work and with the Angle Arm is good for floors. Complete with rubber and clip-on micro fiber pad.
Price $28.00
Wagtail Combi
The Wagtail Combi is a combination tool consisting of a squeegee and micro fibre pad in line so that you are able to wash down a window and squeegee dry in the one action. This is particularly useful for cleaning inside glass. .
Price $35.00
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