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sorbo-patriotic.jpgSorbo Patriotic Channel
This Sorbo Patriotic Channel with it's Red, White, & Blue Stars and Stripes is sure to add flare to your window cleaning! It comes in your favorite size - 18".
Price $15.00
Sorbo Fixed T-BarPrice $7.25
sorbo-belt.jpgSorbo Belt
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Price $22.50
sorbo-black-mamba.jpgSorbo Black Mamba
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The original 90 degree end cut channel.

Price $14.50
sorbo-bucket.jpgSorbo Bucket
Bucket only. Accommodates an 18" washer
Price $25.00
Sorbo Cobra
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With a beveled 40 degree underside. This channel uses a plastic end plug to hold the rubber in place rather than the metal end clip.

Price $9.00
Sorbo Docket
You can now resharpen the Sorbo rubber up to 12 times! The Docket will take care of any size Sorbo rubber up to 36".

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Price $330.00
sorbo-double-holster.jpgSorbo Double HolsterPrice $23.00
Sorbo End Clip dozen
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Price $5.00
Sorbo Fast Release Handle & Parts
Quick release leaver on the bottom side. Swivel or lock into position. Replacement parts available.

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Price $15.25
Sorbo Fixed Aluminum HandlePrice $9.75
Sorbo Glove with SnapPrice $8.00
Sorbo Hard Water Stain Remover
With the Sorbo Hard Water Stain Remover, the glass is cleaned and polished as spots and stains disappear. You are left with a sparkling surface. No water is used for silicone removal. 5 oz. covers approx 196 sq ft.
Price $11.50
Sorbo Leif Cart
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A professional Window Cleaner's workhorse, the LIEF CART rolls over rugged terrain. Accommodates most brand name oval buckets on the market. Its patented self-leveling mount keeps the bucket perfectly balanced and is easily removed. It instantly compensates for sudden starts and stops. Perfect for tooling around doing exterior windows. A bucket is not included.
Price $180.00
Sorbo Nylon Scraper Holster
Holds any 4", 5" or 6" scraper.
Price $16.00
sorbo-pouch.jpgSorbo PouchPrice $19.00
Sorbo Quadropod & Replacement Parts
On a typical day, a window cleaner bends down to reach into the cleaning bucket up to 400 times! The Quadropod eliminates the back breaking part of window cleaning. It has 4 tool holders and legs that automatically fold for portability and maneuverability. The height at the bucket rim can be adjusted from 30 1/2" to 36 1/2".

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Price $150.00
sorbo-quicksilver.jpgSorbo Quicksilver
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The 40degree beveled underside allows you to more closely clean to the edge of the frame with the rubber being exposed which allows you to clean closer to the frame.
Price $7.00
sorbo-50-rubber.jpgSorbo RubberPrice $15.25
sorbo-scraper.jpgSorbo Scraper 6" W/Holster & Replacements
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Sorbo is always trying to make things better. So he gave it an adjustable handle. Now you can set the scraping angle your way. More importantly, you can set it to fit a specific job.

Windows are not all the same and now you have a scraper that can adapt to all the variations The Sorbo Nylon holster is included.

Price $27.00
sorbo-swivel-t.jpgSorbo Swivel Bar & Parts
The Sorbo swivel t-bar is lightweight and durable. It fits all brand washer sleeves. Made from a durable plastic handle and an aluminum t-section.
Price $11.00
Sorbo Tricket
A real time saver for cleaning blinds and louvers. Both sides washed and then squeegeed with one swipe.
Price $26.50
twin-ledge-angle.jpgSorbo Twin Ledge Angle
Take the pain out of cleaning atrium and other hard to reach windows. Even deep frame commercial windows are a breeze. Does not come with squeegee or washer. Fits any pole.
Price $39.00
Sorbo Yellow Jacket SleevePrice $8.00
sorbo-quick-sponge.jpgSorbo Quick Absorbing SpongePrice $3.00
Sorbo Glide
Sorbo Glide greatly reduces friction on the glass. This helps increase the life span of your rubbers and also reduces the risk of scratching the glass when using scrapers and razor blades. Squeegee Glide also slows the rate at which water dries from glass, making it perfect for use on hot days or when working in direct sunlight. Use only one teaspoon for 1 gallon of water. This is not a detergent, add this too your detergent to aid your window cleaning.
Price $11.50
BluelighteningSorbo Blue Lightening
The Sorbo Blue Lightning is an 18" Quick Silver Channel available for a limited time. Looks awesome with the liquid blue background and lightening flashes!
Price $25.00
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