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Screen Products

aztec4Aztec Screen Washer
Vertical Screen Washer makes cleaning screens quick and easy! The legs fold up for compact storage. It's a single unit without parts that could be lost or misplaced. The aluminum body is hand welded and assembled so that it will not rust. The body dimensions are 8 x 4 x 38 and approximately 15lbs. Four overlapping brushes scrub the frames and screen. The product is now labeled to help advertise the screen washing service. A shut off valve was added in response to customer feedback. It's located underneath the brushes to prevent damage when being stored in a vehicle.
Price $335.00
Screen Washer - 9.JPGIPC Screen Clean Machine
* Simple, Quick & easy to use * Compact portable design for transport * Chemical free, fresh water clean and flush. * Durable design, built to last. Thoroughly cleans the entire screen and frame from both sides at the same time, virtually eliminating screen damage caused by traditional cleaning process. Simply move the screen through the unique overlapping 36" brush assembly. The screen is flushed with water as both sides of the screen are cleaned simultaneously. The new foot valve provides hands free operation to control the water flow to the spray nozzle between screen cleanings. Open side design allows screens of all sizes to be cleaned easily. Technical Data Body: Heavy Gauge Powder Coated Steel Tube Brush: Nylon Bristles set in aluminum channels Spray Bar: Copper with soldered fittings Dimensions: Base 27 x 17, Height 39.5 Weight: 18 lbs.
Price $480.00
Winsol Screen/Frame Cleaner & Sealer
SCREEN AND FRAME CLEANER Getting there is only half the fun when it comes to screen cleaning. Make the other half simpler and more effective with WINSOL's Screen Cleaner & Sealer concentrate. An exclusive combination of cleaners and sealers will make fast work of any screen, including: aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl sun screens. Each treated screen and frame is left with added protection against damage from the sun, pollution and airborne particles. Screens and frames will require less work during subsequent cleanings and come cleaner than you thought was possible. It's time to stop saying you don't do screens and start collecting the extra revenue
Price $34.00
screen-magic.jpgScreen Magic
* Concentrates Available to Make either 2 or 5 Gallon * No rinsing with water * No scrubbing * Returns screens to look like new * Repels dust * UV inhibitors * No streaks * Takes only 1 minute for average screen * No walking screens back and forth to washing station * Only one trip up the ladder * Does not make glass hydrophobic * Shines the frame

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Price $55.00
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