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Scrapers and Blades

Ettore Champion 5" Scraper & Replacements
Easy Stainless blade change with a comfortable handle makes this unique 5" scraper a winner.
Price $13.00
Ettore Pro Plus Scraper 6" & ReplacementsPrice $11.00
Ettore Scrapemaster 4" & Replacements
Double edged sharp blade and a tough short handle.
Price $9.00
Ettore Super Scraper 4" or 6" & ReplacementsPrice $14.00
sorbo-scraper.jpgSorbo Scraper 6" W/Holster & Replacements
Click link below for Product Video!

Sorbo is always trying to make things better. So he gave it an adjustable handle. Now you can set the scraping angle your way. More importantly, you can set it to fit a specific job.

Windows are not all the same and now you have a scraper that can adapt to all the variations The Sorbo Nylon holster is included.

Price $27.00
Sorbo Nylon Scraper Holster
Holds any 4", 5" or 6" scraper.
Price $16.00
triumph-orig.jpgTriumph 6"Price $15.50
triumph-soft-straight.jpgTriumph Rubber Gripped 6" (includes safety cover)Price $18.50
triumph-angled.jpgTriumph Angled 6"Price $19.75
Triumph Angled Rubber Gripped 6" (includes safety cover)Price $21.00
triumph-heavy-duty.jpgTriumph Heavy Duty 6" & Blades
For heavier clean up, this scraper blade is twice as thick.
Price $17.50
triumph-retractable-101.jpgTriumph Retractable 6"
A quick push with your thumb on the control button raises the shield to protect the blade or hide the exposed sharp edge.
Price $21.00
Triumph Replacements Blades & TrackPrice $22.00
Triumph Replacement Cover or TrackPrice $1.50
triumph-cover-w-rubber.jpgTriumph Replacement Cover W/RubberPrice $2.00
unger-ninja-scraper.jpgUnger Ninja 4" or 6" Scraper & Blades
The working angle of the scraper head can be changed for 0 degrees to 30 degrees with the push of a button. The ergonomic designed handle is lightweight and features and anti-slip grip for better comfort and control. The Ninja Scrapers feature a new premium stainless steel blade and safety cap. Blades are rust resistant and honed to a proprietary precise cutting angle that stays sharper longer, increasing speed and performance.
Price $19.50
unger-ninja-scraper-holder.jpgUnger Ninja Scraper Holster
This durable, solid holster is compatible with most 4"-6" scrapers. Easy clip on secures the handle in place and prevents it from falling out. A stainless steel insert withstands frequent contact with shape blade.
Price $22.00
Unger Ergo Scraper 4" or 6" & Replacements
The perfect scraper for tough jobs. Ergonomic handle with a reversible blade and easy blade change.
Price $15.00
Unger Trim 10 (4") & Replacements
Scraper comes with 10 blades. For more versatility, add an Unger Pro Handle.
Price $7.25
unger-short-handled-scraper.jpgUnger Short Handle Scraper 4" & Blades
The old stand by with the new ergonomic handle.
Price $17.50
Leather Scraper Holster 4"Price $14.50
razor-blade.jpgRazor Blades
Single edge razor blades.
Price $9.00
unger-ergo-razorblade-holder.jpgUnger ErgoTec Razor Blade HolderPrice $3.25
Unger Razor Blade HolderPrice $2.60
Ettore Razor Blade HolderPrice $2.10
unger-pro-trim.jpgUnger Pro Trim Scraper or Blades
Glass scraper features a compact design for easy handling and is small enough to fit in your pocket. Integrated safety guard protects the blade's edge for lasting sharpness. Easy-to-use design allows quick blade replacement and cleaning with just the push of a button.
Price $9.25
unger-mini-scraperUnger Mini Scraper
Use single edge razor blades for a quick, keep in your pocket fix.
Price $1.60
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