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Rope Grabs and Lanyards

Gemtor Anchor Sling
The special 2" wide solid weave webbing has RED tracers inside to show when cutting, etc. has damaged it. These slings have heavy duty forged steel links on each end which allow the insertion of large hooks, etc. The special links allow the sling to be used as a choker from either end.
Price $35.00
DBI-SALA Tie OffPrice $60.00
MIO Rope Grab w/3' Shock Absorbing LanyardPrice $169.00
Gemtor Web Lanyard
1" high abrasion web lanyard with 2 self locking snap hooks.
Price $36.00
SALA Shock Absorbing Lanyard
Web EZ STOP shock absorbing lanyard with locking snap hooks.
Price $93.00
Gemtor Decelerator
Energy absorbing inner core expands smoothly. Outer protective shell acts as a backup.
Price $68.00
MIO Anti Panic Rope Grab w/Shock Absorbing Lanyard
Designed to operate in case of panic or normal fall situations, the MIO Anti Panic rope grab will arrest the fall even if the worker is holding the lock lever in an open position. This also includes a 3' shock absorbing lanyard.
Price $185.00
Gemtor Shock Absorbing Lanyard
Soft pack energy absorber web lanyard for high abrasion. Self locking 3/4" snap hooks.
Price $54.00
Miller Grab w/4' Shock Absorbing Lanyard
The 8174 Miller rope grab matched with the 4' shock absorbing lanyard works on any 5/8" or3/4" safety line.
Price $220.00
Miller Shock Absorbing Lanyard 4' or 6'Price $85.00
dbi-lanyard-extension.jpgDBI 18" Lanyard Extension
D-Ring Extension, Webbing, Max. Working Load 400 Lb., Tensile Strength 5000 Lbs, Length 18 In, Strap Material Polyester, Strap Width 1 3/4 In, Body Material Polyester. For Use With Full-Body Harness and Shock Absorbing Lanyard, Locking Snap, D-Ring, Anchorage Hook Gate Opening 2 1/4 In., Standards OSHA, ANSI & CSA
Price $42.00
tractel-rope-grab.jpgTractel Stopfor K21 Rope Grab
Use 1/2" Static Kernmantle Rope. The STOPFOR K21 trailing rope grab provides unrivaled performance and safety in fall arrest for vertical lifeline systems. The STOPFOR K21 introduces the roll over cam braking technology where in the event of a fall, the unit rotates to exert pressure on the cam axle to effectively stop the fall. The ingenuity of the design allows performance to meet safety by providing the industry's most secure anti-panic function. The STOPFOR K21 exceeds both ANSI Z359.1-2007, ANSI 10.32-2004, and ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 standards without compromise. This device offers the best hands free travel possible for kernmantle rope on the market today. Workers who climb up and down frequently to perform tasks will benefit from increased productivity and total safety. Sold with 1-ft. (0.3 m) lanyard, carabiner and snap hook. Benefits * Freedom of movement * Secure anti-panic function * Easy to use and lightweight
Price $180.00
kong-back-up.jpgKong Back Up
Safe and simple to use with only one hand! BAC K-UP is the revolutionary KONG fall arrester that follow the operator in both directions and stop the possible falling. Shifting the special button on the lock mode, it can be used also as a positioning device or a normal locking device. Due to its special manufacture, BACK-UP supports also the strongest stress in semi dynamic way avoiding the shocking effects on the ropes caused by the traditional self-locking devices with toothed cams. Connector included:Carabiner Carbon Twist Lock ANSI High quality, made in Italy
Price $169.00
Petzl ASAP LOCK Rope Grab & Lanyard
This ASAP mobile fall arrester stops a fall or uncontrolled descent. It locks even if the device is grabbed during a fall! It is easy to install and remove. Works with 7/16" & 1/2" rope. ***Comes with the Petzl ASAP'SORBER 16" Lanyard which is designed to connect the ASAP to your harness.
Price $330.00
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