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Rope Accessories

smc-roof-roller-2.jpgSMC Roof Edge Roller
Protect your valuable ropes from damage due to right angle roof edges. The pair of rollers smoothly glide the rope and with the addition of carabiners, the rope can more easily be centered.
Price $290.00
towa-roof-protect.jpgTowa Roof Edge Protector
Protects your ropes as well as the building. Sturdy foam backing on the 12" plate with 3 solid posts to guide the ropes and a tie back hole.
Price $71.00
superior-rope-protector.jpgSuperior Rope Protector
This premium webbing just will not break down! A top quality product that offers the best protection for your rope from cuts and abrasions.
Price $24.00
Canvas Rope Protector
Protective sleeve made with 2 layers of heavy duty canvas. 2" velcro closure. Webbing tether loops at both ends.
Price $38.00
sky-genie-rope-bag.jpgSky Genie Rope Bag
This deluxe canvas rope bag will carry up to 1,000' of 7/16" rope! Made by Sky Genie who knows how to put quality into a product.
Price $90.00
mio-rope-connection-plate.jpgMIO Rope Connection Plate
Provides a quick, reusable field termination that eliminates the need for knots.
Price $66.00
Multi PlateReg. Price $45.00 $32.00 On Sale!
sky-genie-tote.jpgSky Genie Tote
The Sky Genie Tote is tough canvas and easy to carry with durable web handles. It is large and strong enough to carry your chair, descender, rope grab w/lanyard or up to 600' of rope. This is one bad boy!!
Price $125.00
cmi-xl-rope-bag.jpgCMI Rope Bag
Heavy duty water resistant Cordura. All seams are double stitched and reinforced. Handles and straps for easy handling. Black in color.
Price $50.00
CMI Rope Washer
Wash with high pressure spiraling water for a thorough cleaning of up to 5/8" rope.
Price $49.00
MIO Swivel
The MIO Swivel incorporates a sealed ball bearing for smooth rotation. Ideal for using as an anchor point on the vertical rope line during a manual descent with a cylinder type descender.
Price $119.00
rope-cutter.jpgRope Cutter
This fast and efficient unit has a hot blade which cleanly cuts through any size rope and webbing in seconds. Plugs into a standard 120 V outlet.
Price $165.00
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