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garelick-warning.jpgGarelick Poles
Lightweight and durable anodized aluminum assures an easier to use pole that is well balanced, yet offers maximum strength. Engineered using high tensile alloy drawn tubing with ANODIZED finish that prevents oxidation and resists corrosion for longer product life. Each pole is provided with a comfortable non-slip grip and I include a FREE wood cone.
Price $18.00
Garelick Replacement Pole Grip
Replacement Grip for 2,3 or 4 section pole.
Price $3.25
threaded-wood-cone.jpgThreaded Wood Cone
Fits all threaded tips.
Price $2.50
Universal Angle Adapter
Fits on any threaded tip.
Price $8.50
Universal Nylon Adapter
Fits any threaded tip.
Price $3.75
mr-longarm-bulb.jpgThreaded Bulb Changer
Fits any threaded tip for changing light bulbs
Price $8.00
Pulex Cone
Tapered smooth nylon cone. Fits threaded tips.
Price $4.50
Ettore Reach PolesPrice $20.75
Ettore Pole Collar
3 sizes are available. The Smallest (E2C)is for a 2 section pole or it is the one closest to the tip of the pole. . The Larger (E3C) is for a 3 or 4 section pole For a 3 section, it would be the bottom one and for a 4 section, it would be the middle one . The XL (E4C) is for a 4 section pole and it is the largest, closest to the bottom of the pole.
Price $6.50
Ettore Pole Grip
The Ettore Pole Grip come in 3 sizes. The Small (E2G) is for a 2 section pole. The Large (E3GR) is for a 3 section pole. The X Large (E4G) is for the 4 section pole.
Price $3.50
Ettore Snap in TipPrice $4.50
Ettore Angle Adapter
Use with Ettore pole only.
Price $15.00
ettore-angle-adaptor-short.jpgEttore Short Angle Adaptor
Fits acme threads of any pole.
Price $8.50
moerman-pole-tip.jpgMoerman Pole TipPrice $5.50
moerman-angle-adapter.jpgMoerman Angle Adapter
Made specifically for the Moerman poles.
Price $8.25
unger-optiloc-pole.jpgUnger Opti Loc PolePrice $28.75
Unger Ergo Tec ConePrice $6.25
Unger Snap in Nylon ConePrice $5.75
unger-collar.jpgUnger Opti Loc Pole Outer Collar
Replacement outer collars for 2 section poles (small) or 3 section pole (large).
Price $14.50
unger-pole-thread.jpgUnger Opti Loc Pole Inner Collar
Inner piece for Opti Loc poles. Small size for 2 section poles and Larger for 3rd pole section.
Price $6.00
unger-pole-grip.jpgUnger Opti Loc Replacement Grip
Small size for 2 section pole and Large size for 3 section pole grip.
Price $4.75
Unger Tele Plus/Add-An-Arm
The base unit is a 2 section, 12' pole to which you may add a 3rd, 4th, 5th or all of the sections at 6' each reaching 30' complete.
Price $53.75
unger-collar.jpgUnger Add-An-Arm Replacement CollarPrice $8.25
Unger Angle Adaptor
Use with Unger pole to adjust angle of squeegee and other tools.
Price $17.00
unger-add-grip.jpgUnger Add-An-Arm Replacement GripPrice $4.40
Unger Fixi ClampPrice $35.00
unger-add-thread-stone.jpgUnger Add-An-Arm Replacement Parts
The "Thread" single larger piece is used in the basic section only. The "Stones" are used in all the other sections.
Price $3.70
unger-bulb-sntacher.jpgUnger Bulb Snatcher
Use with Unger pole to replace light bulbs up to 200 watts.
Price $15.00
ipc-cleano.jpgIPC Clean O
The Cleano indoor ultra pure water cleaning system is for indoor glass and non-porous surfaces. It combines the cleaning power of pure water and microfiber in a light, compact and entirely mechanical tool (no cords, no batteries, etc). It keeps glass cleaner longer. With no chemical residue being left behind on the glass, dirt will not be attracted reducing the frequency of cleaning intervals. Fill with pure water from our Hydro Bottle Kit ordistilled water. Includes 3 Cleano pads. The Cleano is offered in four models; Cleano 5 (5'), Cleano10 (10') , HC 25 (25'). Reduces labor up to 50% Reduces back strain - ergonomic Allows safe working from the ground Reaches difficult areas without dripping on or having to move furniture. Environmentally friendly, no chemicals Economical, eliminates chemical costs
Price $215.00
twin-ledge-angle.jpgSorbo Twin Ledge Angle
Take the pain out of cleaning atrium and other hard to reach windows. Even deep frame commercial windows are a breeze. Does not come with squeegee or washer. Fits any pole.
Price $39.00
Mr Longarm AlumiglassReg. Price $28.00 $18.00 On Sale!
unger-pad-holder.jpgUnger Pad HolderPrice $16.50
unger-thread.jpgUnger Threaded Conversion Adapter
Adapter connects aluminum poles to Pad Holder or Y Adapter.
Price $13.50
unger-polishing-pad.jpgUnger Polishing Pad
Velcro backing attaches to the Pad Holder. For indoor use where light cleaning is all that needs to be done. Lightly dampen (if at all) and shine the glass. 8"
Price $6.50
unger-washing-pad.jpgUnger Washing Pad
Special scrub pad for removing tough soils. Velcro backing to attach to the Pad Holder. 8"
Price $7.75
wagtail-arm-.jpgWagtail Angle Arm
Click Wagtail logo for Product Videos!

Angle Arm The Angle Arm is a versatile attachment that gives extra reach and improves access to awkward windows for instance cleaning the outside of a window from the inside. All the Wagtail tools simply push onto the Angle Arm. Attach the Angle Arm to a pole and it adapts Wagtail Squeegees.
Price $9.50
flood-bulb-changer.jpgFlood Bulb Changer
Mr. LongArm bulb changers are the Smart way to change light bulbs. The floodlight bulb changer attaches to an extension pole and allows the user to remove and replace bulbs quickly and easily, while standing safely on the ground! Large suction cup holds floodlight bulbs for easy changing Recommended for use with Mr.LongArm non-conductive extension poles Patented quick release design breaks the suction on the bulb quickly and easily Made in the U.S.A.
Price $6.00
moerman-angle-adapter.jpgMoerman Dr Angle
► Wide angle range: -50 to +105 ► Designed to get to those hard-to-reach spaces. ► Simple angle adjustment. ► New easy release button, makes changing your tools a lot faster. ► Universal fit, can be used on many poles but not on threaded wooden tips.
Price $14.50
bulb-changing-kitBulb Changing Kit
Threaded to fit any threaded pole. For changing standard, flood, recessed or broken bulbs.
Price $14.00
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