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Sorbo Docket
You can now resharpen the Sorbo rubber up to 12 times! The Docket will take care of any size Sorbo rubber up to 36".

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Price $330.00
Sorbo Tricket
A real time saver for cleaning blinds and louvers. Both sides washed and then squeegeed with one swipe.
Price $26.50
Squeeze Measuring Bottle
Lose the measuring cup and potential mess; measure and pour using one container. These measure and pour bottles require a simple squeeze to get just the right amount of liquid into the filling dispenser chamber. Now you're ready to pour.
Price $3.00
drip-guard.jpgDrip Guard
Fits any brand hip bucket. Keep your pants and the floor dryer by catching the drips in this foamy cup.
Price $9.00
tool-bungee.jpgTool Bungee
Don't drop your tools! The heavy duty swivel connectors join your tools to poles, ladders or you. Choose Red or Black
Price $15.50
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