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The Ledger is a uniquely angled holder to reach over lintels, ledges, air conditioners, or anything else that is in your way. It goes all the way to the bottom of every pane from the ground. Easily reaches over really difficult ledges.
Price $25.75
ledger2.jpgLedger Swivel
The Wonderful Ledgers are now available in 2 lengths, either the original of 9" or now the newest 12" reach.
Price $38.75
ledge-double-bend.jpgLedger Double Bend
This newest version of the 16" Ledger had 2 bends to allow more leverage where there is limited pole manuverability.
Price $38.75
ettore-quick-kit.jpgQuick Release Kits
3 Kits. Made by Ettore for Ettore or Soren squeegee handles or Ledgers for conversion or replacement.
Price $8.25
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