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self-retracting_.jpgRebel Self Retracting Web Lifeline
Performance, Safety and Value With either 11' or 20’ lengths and competitive pricing, employers can economically replace simple lanyards with the versatility and added safety of a self retracting lifeline. The retractable technology deployed in the Rebel™ SRL’s ensures falls are stopped within a few inches, making Rebel™ SRL’s safer than traditional lanyards. Lightweight, Compact and Durable. The Rebel™ incorporates a rugged aluminum housing and stainless steel working components that can withstand rough use. The unique thin webbing enables a compact size that is easy to use. Ergonomic for Greater Worker Comfort With a smooth case and rounded corners, the Rebel™ provides added comfort and ease-of use. It increases worker productivity and reduces worker fatigue for ultimate worker satisfaction.
Price $215.00
rebel-50.jpgRebel Self Retracting Steel Lifeline
Protecta® Rebel™ is a fall protection solution that doesn’t compromise budgets or safety and gives workers added mobility. These SRLs incorporate a lifeline that extends and retracts automatically, allowing unhindered movement around the work area. A brake activates in the event of a fall, stopping the worker within inches and limits arresting forces to OSHA and ANSI requirements. Rebel™ continues to set performance standards beyond compliance, while providing a substantial value compared to competitive models. Thermoplastic Housing and Carabiner Built For: • Commercial construction • Industry and manufacturing • Refinery maintenance and construction • Residential construction Self Retracting Lifeline with 5mm Galvanized Cable,
Price $490.00
Miller Shock Absorbing Lanyard 4' or 6'Price $85.00
dbi-lanyard-extension.jpgDBI 18" Lanyard Extension
D-Ring Extension, Webbing, Max. Working Load 400 Lb., Tensile Strength 5000 Lbs, Length 18 In, Strap Material Polyester, Strap Width 1 3/4 In, Body Material Polyester. For Use With Full-Body Harness and Shock Absorbing Lanyard, Locking Snap, D-Ring, Anchorage Hook Gate Opening 2 1/4 In., Standards OSHA, ANSI & CSA
Price $42.00
Gemtor Shock Absorbing Lanyard
Soft pack energy absorber web lanyard for high abrasion. Self locking 3/4" snap hooks.
Price $54.00
SALA Shock Absorbing Lanyard
Web EZ STOP shock absorbing lanyard with locking snap hooks.
Price $93.00
Gemtor Shorty
1' long soft pack energy absorber with locking snap hood at one end and D-Ring at the other.
Price $40.00
Gemtor Web Lanyard
1" high abrasion web lanyard with 2 self locking snap hooks.
Price $36.00
gemtor-twinGemtor 2 Leg Lanyard
For 100% tie-off Soft-Pack energy absorber with two 1" wide 6'polyester web lanyards with locking snaphooks at each of the three ends.
Price $84.00
Gemtor Decelerator
Energy absorbing inner core expands smoothly. Outer protective shell acts as a backup.
Price $68.00
Miller Grab w/4' Shock Absorbing Lanyard
The 8174 Miller rope grab matched with the 4' shock absorbing lanyard works on any 5/8" or3/4" safety line.
Price $220.00
MIO Anti Panic Rope Grab w/Shock Absorbing Lanyard
Designed to operate in case of panic or normal fall situations, the MIO Anti Panic rope grab will arrest the fall even if the worker is holding the lock lever in an open position. This also includes a 3' shock absorbing lanyard.
Price $185.00
MIO Rope Grab w/3' Shock Absorbing LanyardPrice $169.00
Gemtor Anchor Sling
The special 2" wide solid weave webbing has RED tracers inside to show when cutting, etc. has damaged it. These slings have heavy duty forged steel links on each end which allow the insertion of large hooks, etc. The special links allow the sling to be used as a choker from either end.
Price $35.00
sky-genie-shock-lanyard.jpgSky Genie Shock Absorbing Lanyard
After years of intensive R&D, Descent Control is proud to offer the Soft Landing Shock Absorbing LanyardsTM. Soft LandingTM combines a specially designed energy dissipating core and a rugged outer jacket to cushion the shock and recoil of a fall more effectively than any conventional lanyard. Soft LandingTM also features a warning system that appears after its core has been subjected to the force of a fall. This system is designed to prevent the reuse of this device.Shock Absorbing Lanyards are assembled with two double lock snaps, for use with our full body harnesses. Lanyards may be permanently attached to center back D-ring of harness. Available in 3', 4' & 6'. All rated at 5000 pounds tensile strength.
Price $69.00
protecta-xl-hook.jpgProtecta 6' Shock Absorbing Lanyard
Protecta 6' Shock Absorbing Lanyard with an XL Rebar hook.
Price $57.00
sky-genie-lanyard-blue.jpgSky Genie 16" Lanyard
1" Nylon webbing, finished with double-lock snaps. ANSI Z359.1.1992
Price $50.00
kong-extension.jpgKong 12" Lanyard Extension
Kong 12" lanyard only. Attach to your carabiners.
Price $16.00
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