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Ladders and Accessories

Ladders / Metallic Stack
This unique stackable ladder utilizes BOX GIRDER side rail construction, heavy walled rungs and solid cast fittings to provide rigidity and stability when these sections are assembled to form the required length of ladder *Easily transported. * Sections are completely interchangeable. * Each unit slides over the top of the one below and is held in place with the use of MANDATORY locking pins. * Top sections are available in two models, ridged V-groove to permit a safe positing on window structure without interfering with the work area, or in the conventional open top. * 6' top sections are standard * Slip resistant end plugs used in bottoms of base are standard equipment. * Subtract one foot at each joint to calculate the extended length of the assembled ladders. * ASSEMBLED LENGTH NOT TO EXCEED 21 FEET. * LOCKING PIN USE IS MANDATORY. * Top and Center sections ARE NOT TO BE USED as bases. REPLACEMENT RIVITS AND LOCKING PINS SOLD SEPERATELY.
Price $220.00
wiljer-bonnet.jpgLadder Bonnet
Soft fleece bonnet easily snaps on to any vee groove top section.
Price $19.00
Metallic Ladder Safety Shoes
Replacement shoes include hardware.
Price $30.00
Metallic Rubber Ladder Plug
Replacement rubber plug for the base section of your Metallic Ladder (includes 2 rivets per plug).
Price $11.00
Xtenda Leg
The leg is released by simply pushing down on the triple lock rings. Added safety of ball socket patented safety feet with rubber pads. 11" differential.
Price $104.00
Level-Eze Self Adjusting
The LEVEL-EZE comes with two legs, hardware, and an aluminum connecting rod. Both legs of the LEVEL-EZE Automatic Ladder Leveler are connected by the aluminum rod which allows the legs to work in tandem; when one leg moves up, the other moves down. The legs lock in place automatically when as little as 9 lbs of weight is applied while both leveler feet are on the ground. Lifting the ladder unlocks the legs and allows them to move freely until the ladder is set down again.
Price $143.00
ladder-mitts.jpgLadder Mitts
Tough urethane foam for safety and protection.
Price $16.25
Level your ladder in less than five seconds! The patented LeveLok® LL-STB-1 Leveler/Stabilizer has only two controls, and operating it is so easy, it can be done with the touch of a toe. To set into position, hold the ladder with both hands and simply push the foot pedal down. The leg will extend in increments of 3/16 of an inch up to 9-3/4". You'll hear the stainless steel ratchet's reassuring "click" with each increment. When the leg has been extended to the point where it has firm footing, you're done! Additionally, the automatic backup safety lock is instantly activated, thereby preventing accidental slipping or tripping of the locking mechanism. This is another unique and patented feature found only on Levelok Ladder Leveling Systems.
Price $145.00
Pro Stand Off
Aluminum Stabilizer spans 47" and provides a standoff of 10". For use on aluminum ladders of all duty ratings. Mar-resistant rubber end caps protect the work surface. For use on aluminum ladders of all duty ratings Span: 47", Standoff :10" Attaches in minutes Mar-resistant rubber caps protect work surface Comes with mounting hardware and instructions
Price $45.00
werner-adjustable-stand-off.jpgWerner Adjustable Stand Off
Spans double windows. Quickly converts from 65" wide and 12" deep to 39" wide and 28" deep. Comes with rubber pads and fleece bonnets.
Price $145.00
quick-click.jpgQuick Click
Quick Click™ Stabilizer spans 44" and provides a standoff of 10". Requires no tools to attach to ladder. Spring-loaded locking latch makes it easier and quicker to install/remove than any other stabilizer on the market. Mar-resistant rubber end caps protect the work surface. Spring-loaded locking latch makes it easier and quicker to install/remove than any other stabilizer on the market Installation requires no tools Mar-resistant rubber end caps protect work surface Span: 44", Standoff :10"
Price $80.00
end-capReplacement Stabilizer Caps
Pair of End Caps for your ladder stabilizer/stand off.
Price $10.00
stand-out.jpgStand Out
Standards Compliance - Meets all ANSI and OSHA requirements for ladders up to Type 1, 250 pound duty rating. Ladder Compatibility - Fits most aluminum and fiberglass, extension ladders with open D or O rung holes on outside of ladder rail. Hole must be a minimum of 1" in diameter. Installation Method - Attaches to ladder rail without fasteners. To attach, press 2 bracket ends in, toward each other, slide ends into rung holes and release.
Price $45.00
ladder-stopper.jpgLadder Stopper
Ladder Stopper is made of soft rubber and is fitted to the ground in large area. It provides strong friction to the ladder, so that the ladder will not slip and cause physical injury. Put the anti-skid pad on the flat ground, if there is sand or oil on the ground, clean up first, so as not to affect the use.
Price $59.00
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