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478.jpgXL 3 Stage Auto Lock ANSI Approved
Steel rated 7,875#
Price $29.00
kong-trapezium.jpgKong Trapezium
Carbon steel quick link. Closed with a wrench, it becomes a semi-permanent anchor ring. The elongated shape allows a wider opening of the gate. High quality, tested piece by piece.
Price $20.00
kong-sierraduo.jpgKong Sierra Duo Harness
- Conform to ANSI/ASSE Z359.11-2014 norm - Equipped with load indicators that show any falls and therefore the need to replace the product. - Equipped with two attachment points (sternal and dorsal). - Buckles and dorsal attachment point made of steel. - Equipped with two large gear loops in laterally retracted position. - Available in two sizes (M/L and XL) easily distinguishable thanks to the rear triangle of different colors. - High quality, made in Italy
Price $95.00
kong-ovalone-ovalKong Ovalone Oval Carabiner
Carbon steel, wide opening. High load of 40 KN perfect for heavy applications and for connections to structural anchors, lifelines, etc. The reinforced sleeve increases the resistance in case of lateral stress as required by ANSI. Auto block 3 movements to open.
Price $33.00
kong-ovalone-dna-twist-locKong Ovalone DNA
Special "helical-shaped" connector with a twisted carbon steel body and circular bar, a must have when an "offset" load is required. It permits 90degree rotation of any connected device (descenders, rope clamps, fall arresters,ets.), optimizing the operating alignment. Twist Lock (2movements) sleeve. Conforms to CE or ANSI stanmdards.
Price $41.00
kong-ektorKong Ektor Harness
Wide waist belt with high cut for maximum support of the lumbar Comfortable padding on the leg loops, for maximum comfort in prolonged use 2 wide lateral gear loops 5 rear slots to fix isolated gear that allow you to fully customize the layout of the equipment, facilitating the identification 4 fast buckles on waist and legs, for effective and immediate dressing Sternal and dorsal fall arrester attachment points Ventral attachment point for the progression on rope EN 361, EN 358, EN813
Reg. Price $325.00 $270.00 On Sale!
kong-back-up.jpgKong Back Up
Safe and simple to use with only one hand! BAC K-UP is the revolutionary KONG fall arrester that follow the operator in both directions and stop the possible falling. Shifting the special button on the lock mode, it can be used also as a positioning device or a normal locking device. Due to its special manufacture, BACK-UP supports also the strongest stress in semi dynamic way avoiding the shocking effects on the ropes caused by the traditional self-locking devices with toothed cams. Connector included:Carabiner Carbon Twist Lock ANSI High quality, made in Italy
Price $169.00
kong-extension.jpgKong 12" Lanyard Extension
Kong 12" lanyard only. Attach to your carabiners.
Price $16.00
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