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High Rise

door-jam-anchor.jpgDoor Jamb or Window Anchor
The DBI-SALA Door and Window Jamb Anchor 2100080 is a new and unique product that allows you to place an anchor point most anywhere, even in residential construction, without the hassle of installing anchor bolts or damaging woodwork. Key Features: No tools required Fits door or window sizes ranging from 21.5 in. to 51.5 in. Non-penetrating design ensures no damage to structure No drilling required Fast and easy installation Built-in adjustment knob Lightweight Weighs only 14 lbs. Meets OSHA requirements Non-Penetrating Design For complete peace-of-mind, this door/window jamb anchor is designed to install without compromising the structure in any way. There is no drilling or welding required, you simply compress the device between the vertical sides of the door or window and tighten. Fast, Simple and Safe Tie-Off Point This anchor installs quickly and efficiently in three easy steps. First, you adjust the anchor to fit inside the desired opening. Next, you use the built-in coarse adjustment knob to tighten and lock into place. Final adjustment is made with the built-in fine adjustment knob which firmly seats the anchor against the structure. Complete installation takes only seconds, and you have a safe, fall arrest rated anchor point to attach your shock absorbing lanyard or self retracting lifeline. Lightweight and Portable Design This extremely portable and lightweight anchor weighs only 14 lbs. For complete job site flexibility, it can be easily moved from one location to another, installed, removed and stored. The portability and ease-of-use increases worker productivity and satisfaction. Typical applications for this anchor include residential and commercial construction, rooftops with door entrances, elevator shafts, wall openings, emergency egress and rescue and more.
Price $585.00
Gemtor Anchor Sling
The special 2" wide solid weave webbing has RED tracers inside to show when cutting, etc. has damaged it. These slings have heavy duty forged steel links on each end which allow the insertion of large hooks, etc. The special links allow the sling to be used as a choker from either end.
Price $35.00
mio-parapet-clamp.jpgMIO Parapet Clamp
This MIO clamp will work on parapet walls up to 24" thick. The ring end is used for tie back line for safety lifeline and complies with OSHA requirements. The vertical ring end is used for lifeline or suspended worker (350# Max.) Unit weights 40# and is steel construction.
Price $680.00
kappa-helmet.jpgSinging Rock Helmet Grey
Light weight and low profile climbing helmet from Singing Rock. Sublime design with durable ABS injection molded shell with EPS inner foam that is mechanically attached to the shell. Adjustment system folds into the helmet shell for storage. Ventilated for comfort doing aerobic output. Four secure head lamp clips. Weight: 330 grams Size: 20.8"-24.4" CE EN 12492 and UIAA Certified
Price $68.00
MIO Parapet Roller
The MIO Parapet Roller is a portable roof anchor that rests the beam on the parapet. The counter weights are rested on the cart with wheels that can be raised during work and lowered for positioning and moving on the roof. It is suitable for parapets up to 6' in height.
Price $3,900.00
mio-3x8.jpgMIO Roof Rig 3X8
Model MRR250A 3x8 MAXI Outreach (ft.) 3 Span from front to rear wheels (ft.) 8 Counterweight (lb.) 378(9@42) Unit weight (lb.) 156 Maximum working load (lb.) 250 Working load w/ tools (lb.) 300 Tested Static Load (lb.)(CAL OSHA) 1000 Locking breaks - front and rear wheels (in.) 2 Forged eyebolts for tie-back diam.(in.) 1/2 Counterbalance safety factor 4:1 Distance from roof to anchor point (in.) 86 Inside parapet wall clearance at shoulder (in.) 70 13" diameter Pneumatic Rubber tires, qty. 4
Price $4,000.00
safety-cone.jpgSafety Cone 36"
36" tall with message on all sides PEOPLE WORKING ABOVE or WET FLOOR.
Price $43.00
mio-rope-connection-plate.jpgMIO Rope Connection Plate
Provides a quick, reusable field termination that eliminates the need for knots.
Price $66.00
towa-roof-protect.jpgTowa Roof Edge Protector
Protects your ropes as well as the building. Sturdy foam backing on the 12" plate with 3 solid posts to guide the ropes and a tie back hole.
Price $71.00
Multi PlateReg. Price $45.00 $32.00 On Sale!
petzl-croll.jpgPetzl Croll
Thanks to the twisted position of the attachement hole on this Petzl climbing rope ascender, the Croll is always held flat against the stomach. The upper rectangular hole on this climbing ascender allows the attachment of shoulder straps for support. These Petzl ascenders are fitted with an ergonomically shaped opening clip which is easily gripped between the thumb and index finger.
Price $69.00
petzl-crollC74-strap.jpgPetzl Croll Strap
The Petzl C74 Secur is an adjustable shoulder strap. ... The Secur is used to support a chest mounted ascender Petzl Croll.
Price $30.00
petzl-shunt.jpgPetzl Shunt
A multi purpose device designed for ascending as well as a backup break. Will work on any Kernmantle 8-11mm rope. Loads onto rope without having to unclip.
Price $74.00
tool-bungee.jpgTool Bungee
Don't drop your tools! The heavy duty swivel connectors join your tools to poles, ladders or you. Choose Red or Black
Price $15.50
tool-lanyard.jpgTool Lanyard
Strechcord surrounded by tubular nylon webbing. Lock stitching at both ends for extra security. Aluminum carabiner. Adjustable barrel lock for tool attachment. Maximum safe working capacity: 10 lbs. (4.6 kg) Standard 35” - 42”
Price $10.00
rebel-50.jpgRebel Self Retracting Steel Lifeline
Protecta® Rebel™ is a fall protection solution that doesn’t compromise budgets or safety and gives workers added mobility. These SRLs incorporate a lifeline that extends and retracts automatically, allowing unhindered movement around the work area. A brake activates in the event of a fall, stopping the worker within inches and limits arresting forces to OSHA and ANSI requirements. Rebel™ continues to set performance standards beyond compliance, while providing a substantial value compared to competitive models. Thermoplastic Housing and Carabiner Built For: • Commercial construction • Industry and manufacturing • Refinery maintenance and construction • Residential construction Self Retracting Lifeline with 5mm Galvanized Cable,
Price $490.00
self-retracting_.jpgRebel Self Retracting Web Lifeline
Performance, Safety and Value With either 11' or 20’ lengths and competitive pricing, employers can economically replace simple lanyards with the versatility and added safety of a self retracting lifeline. The retractable technology deployed in the Rebel™ SRL’s ensures falls are stopped within a few inches, making Rebel™ SRL’s safer than traditional lanyards. Lightweight, Compact and Durable. The Rebel™ incorporates a rugged aluminum housing and stainless steel working components that can withstand rough use. The unique thin webbing enables a compact size that is easy to use. Ergonomic for Greater Worker Comfort With a smooth case and rounded corners, the Rebel™ provides added comfort and ease-of use. It increases worker productivity and reduces worker fatigue for ultimate worker satisfaction.
Price $215.00
smc-roof-roller-2.jpgSMC Roof Edge Roller
Protect your valuable ropes from damage due to right angle roof edges. The pair of rollers smoothly glide the rope and with the addition of carabiners, the rope can more easily be centered.
Price $290.00
rds-logo.jpgRDS Tool Lanyard
The best, safest, not tangling & most thought out lanyard ever made! Swiveling hook and daisy chain length added to the accordion style to take up the slack all help make it the Ferrari of tool lanyards!
Price $38.00
DBI-SALA Tie OffPrice $60.00
MIO Swivel
The MIO Swivel incorporates a sealed ball bearing for smooth rotation. Ideal for using as an anchor point on the vertical rope line during a manual descent with a cylinder type descender.
Price $119.00
petzl-paw.jpgPetzl Paw Rigging Plate
Master your rope organization on any scale, whether you are setting up a slackline, tyrolean traverse, or a haul system to pull your car out of that ditch. For easy organization of the work area and for creating multiple anchor systems 19mm holes allow the locking sleeves of most carabiners to pass through Made of aluminum: excellent strength-to-weight ratio Breaking strength: 36 kN
Price $54.00
superior-bucket-handle).jpgSuperior Bucket Handle
Made from 3/8" high quality solid steel. Black zinc coating for durability and corrosion resistance. Featuring a unique A-style frame for balanced center of gravity. Simply drill 2 holes in your bucket and pop in the handle and tap on the lock nuts provided. Replace your wimpy bucket handle for security while carrying it or hang it from your bosun chair for easier access and dependability.
Price $24.50
beam-anchorBeam Anchor
Features: Stainless steel and high-strength aluminum construction Installs in seconds without tools Mounts to top or bottom horizontal beam flange Unique design prevents snaphook gate from contacting edge of beam Follows a worker’s movement along an I-beam Stainless steel rollers allow anchor to glide along top of beam and last longer than nylon pads Lightweight yet extremely strong and durable Available models: SBA-141 - Automatic rotary locking system for fast secure attachment to beam, fits beams from 4”-14” wide and up to 1 1/8” thick (shown). SBA-182 - Quick-insert locking pin for size adjustment, fits beams from 12”-18” wide and up to 2 3/4” thick. SBA-242 - Quick-insert locking pin for size adjustment, fits beams from 12”-24” wide and up to 2 3/4” thick.
Price $275.00
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