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Gutter Cleaner

gutter-spoon.jpgGutter Spoon
Clean your gutters the easy way, pulling debris back towards you. Makes removal a breeze. Simply attach to any threaded pole or just hold in your hand and you are ready to go.
Price $10.00
gutter-zap.jpgGutter Zap
Gutter Zap cleans black streaks off gutters caused by electrostatic bonding. Wet down adjoining surfaces with water, apply Gutter Zap to 10' sections at a time, scrub and rinse clean. This is a concentrate 1:4 makes 1 Gallon.
Price $23.00
marxoff-1.jpgMarxOff Gutter Tool
This one of a kind tool threads on any pole and when paired with Gutter Zap makes the perfect "add on". The fleece pad contours to the gutter to do a great scrub job.
Price $21.50
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