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Gemtor Harness 933
Full-size front D-ring Lightweight, Sub-pelvic Tongue buckle or quick connect leg straps Quick connect at hip for easy donning Spring-loaded shoulder strap adjuster Anti-tangle strap Accessory ring holds lanyard snaphook when not in use Meets OSHA, ANSI standards
Price $95.00
Gemtor Anchor Sling
The special 2" wide solid weave webbing has RED tracers inside to show when cutting, etc. has damaged it. These slings have heavy duty forged steel links on each end which allow the insertion of large hooks, etc. The special links allow the sling to be used as a choker from either end.
Price $35.00
Gemtor Shock Absorbing Lanyard
Soft pack energy absorber web lanyard for high abrasion. Self locking 3/4" snap hooks.
Price $54.00
Gemtor Shorty
1' long soft pack energy absorber with locking snap hood at one end and D-Ring at the other.
Price $40.00
Gemtor Web Lanyard
1" high abrasion web lanyard with 2 self locking snap hooks.
Price $36.00
Gemtor Decelerator
Energy absorbing inner core expands smoothly. Outer protective shell acts as a backup.
Price $68.00
gemtor-twinGemtor 2 Leg Lanyard
For 100% tie-off Soft-Pack energy absorber with two 1" wide 6'polyester web lanyards with locking snaphooks at each of the three ends.
Price $84.00
beam-anchorBeam Anchor
Features: Stainless steel and high-strength aluminum construction Installs in seconds without tools Mounts to top or bottom horizontal beam flange Unique design prevents snaphook gate from contacting edge of beam Follows a worker’s movement along an I-beam Stainless steel rollers allow anchor to glide along top of beam and last longer than nylon pads Lightweight yet extremely strong and durable Available models: SBA-141 - Automatic rotary locking system for fast secure attachment to beam, fits beams from 4”-14” wide and up to 1 1/8” thick (shown). SBA-182 - Quick-insert locking pin for size adjustment, fits beams from 12”-18” wide and up to 2 3/4” thick. SBA-242 - Quick-insert locking pin for size adjustment, fits beams from 12”-24” wide and up to 2 3/4” thick.
Price $275.00
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