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Ettore 3 Gallon BucketPrice $15.00
Ettore Backflip
Channels are 2" longer than stated size.
Price $30.00
Ettore BeltPrice $19.00
Ettore Brass ChannelPrice $5.50
Ettore Brass Clips dozenPrice $2.50
Ettore Champion 5" Scraper & Replacements
Easy Stainless blade change with a comfortable handle makes this unique 5" scraper a winner.
Price $13.00
ettore-cobweb.jpgEttore Cobweb Brush
Hand held or it fits threaded poles.
Price $8.50
Ettore Contour Pro+Handle
Adjustable spring tension suspension system is superior for closing out deep sill windows.
Price $25.00
ettore-double-holster.jpgEttore Double Holster
Light and comfortable. Strong and durable nylon lasts longer and maintains shape. Does not stain pants like many other holster, Storage pocket for blades, keys, money,etc.
Price $30.00
Ettore Dual Holster
Hangs on the right side of your belt.
Price $24.00
Ettore Ledge Eze
Nice handle! Quick release-Non swivel. Extra long foam grip.
Price $10.00
ettore-micro-fiber-sleeve.jpg.jpgEttore Micro Fiber SleevePrice $11.50
Ettore Reach PolesPrice $19.00
Ettore Snap in TipPrice $4.50
Ettore Pole Collar
3 sizes are available. The Smallest (E2C)is for a 2 section pole or it is the one closest to the tip of the pole. . The Larger (E3C) is for a 3 or 4 section pole For a 3 section, it would be the bottom one and for a 4 section, it would be the middle one . The XL (E4C) is for a 4 section pole and it is the largest, closest to the bottom of the pole.
Price $6.50
Ettore Pole Grip
The Ettore Pole Grip come in 3 sizes. The Small (E2G) is for a 2 section pole. The Large (E3GR) is for a 3 section pole. The X Large (E4G) is for the 4 section pole.
Price $3.50
ettore-porcupine (2).jpgEttore Porcupine
A heavy duty, double action washer interwovern with thousands of flexible bristles. Tough on dirt, easy on glass.
Price $10.50
Ettore Pouch
9"x9" Nylon pouch with 2 pockets.
Price $16.50
Ettore Pro Grip
Contoured nicely with rubber insert for great comfort and a quick release tab.
Price $10.50
Ettore Pro Grip T-Bar
Rubber padded handle with contour for your hand.
Price $6.50
Ettore Pro Plus Scraper 6" & ReplacementsPrice $11.00
Ettore Pro+Super System Handle
A very nice newly designed handle with 3 changes. Comfort from contour improvement, rubber inserts and change of quick release style.
Price $13.50
Ettore Pro+T-BarPrice $6.00
Ettore Quick Release Handle
Change channels with a flick of your thumb. The soft rubber handle means a more comfortable grip.
Price $9.00
Ettore Razor Blade HolderPrice $2.00
Ettore RubberPrice $17.50
Ettore Scrapemaster 4" & Replacements
Double edged sharp blade and a tough short handle.
Price $9.00
Ettore Sidekick
Speed, flexibility & convenience. Detachable clip, durable, holds a squeegee up to 18".
Price $19.00
Ettore Squeegee Handle
The original squeegee handle that still sell like hot cakes. Add a foam grip to make it more comfortable.
Price $6.50
Ettore Stainless ChannelPrice $5.75
Ettore Super Brush
The super system handle is a great asset to this 14" nylon bristle brush. May be hand held or put on your extension pole. Great for cleaning screens.
Price $25.00
Ettore Super Bucket & Parts
The wall plastic is tough yet flexes under pressure. Add the optional snap on lid, casters or drain. accommodates up to an 18" washer.
Price $25.00
Ettore Super ChannelPrice $12.00
Ettore Super Scraper 4" or 6" & ReplacementsPrice $14.00
Ettore Super System Pro+T-BarPrice $10.25
EttoreT-Bar Price $5.50
Soren Contour Pro+
Adjustable spring tension suspension system is superior for closing out deep sill windows.
Price $26.00
Soren Pro+Super System
A very nice newly designed handle with three changes. Comfort from contour improvement, rubber inserts and change of quick release tab.
Price $14.25
Soren Quick ReleasePrice $12.00
image_coming_soon.jpgSoren Rubber (Made by Ettore) T Shape
These rubber are made by Ettore to fit the Sorbo channel.
Price $34.00
ettore-golden-glove.jpgEttore Golden Glove SleevePrice $8.00
Ettore Angle Adapter
Use with Ettore pole only.
Price $15.00
ettore-angle-adaptor-short.jpgEttore Short Angle Adaptor
Fits acme threads of any pole.
Price $8.50
ettore-leather-holster.jpgEttore Leather Loop HolsterPrice $13.00
ettore-bucket-wheels.jpgEttore Bucket Wheels
Set of 4 Casters.
Price $15.00
ettore-rect-bkt.jpgEttore 3 Gallon Rectangular Bucket
Ettore has come out with a rectangular 3 gallon bucket that will accommodate a 14" washer. When you don't need to carry the bigger bucket, this is perfect! Includes FREE snap on lid.
Price $16.50
ettore-zero_degree.jpgEttore Zero Degree Swivel Handle
Ettore's newest superior squeegee handle is the Zero degree Super System. It swivels as nicely as the original but has the added benefit of Zero degree angle for much easier closing out.
Price $14.00
ettore-pole5.jpgEttore Innerloc 5' Pole
Ettore 2 section Inner loc Pole.
Price $9.50
ettore-quick-kit.jpgQuick Release Kits
3 Kits. Made by Ettore for Ettore or Soren squeegee handles or Ledgers for conversion or replacement.
Price $8.25
ettore-flat.jpgEttore Flat Bucket Drin
This raised drain sits on the floor of your bucket to hold your washer out of the water.
Price $8.50
ettore-aquabrushEttore Aquaclean Brush
The NEW Ettore Aquaclean Waterfed Brushes are a dual trim brush with a combination of outer nylon bristles and inner boar's bristles to leave windows perfectly clean. High quality brass jets and a Euro thread socket complete this sturdy brush. These 2 sizes Hybrid brushes are an excellent value for a powerful cleaning brush. The 14" has single jets and the 18" has dual jets. Just because these brushes are half the price does not mean they are any less quality. Please note the goosenecks shown in the images are not included.
Price $29.50
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