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cmi-xl-rope-bag.jpgCMI Rope Bag
Heavy duty water resistant Cordura. All seams are double stitched and reinforced. Handles and straps for easy handling. Black in color.
Price $50.00
CMI Ropewalker AscenderPrice $65.00
cmi-ultrascender.jpgCMI Ultra Ascenders
For rugged use and exceptional strength, the CMI Ultrascenders are the obvious choice. These are the strongest ascenders on the market. The large model features a molded handgrip for extra comfort, while both share simple one-handed operation on and off the rope. Combining extruded and machined bodies with stainless steel parts produces a bomber ascender for any usage. Sold in pairs. Features of CMI Ultrascender: Large Weight: 270 grams Large Length: 18.7x7.6 cm Large Breaking Strength: 5,000+ lbs Small Weight: 180 grams Small Length: 13cmx 7.6cm Small Breaking Strength: 4,000+ lbs
Price $175.00
cmi-foot-ascender.jpgCMI Foot Ascender
Use of the CMI foot ascender maintains tension on the rope allowing much easier upward motion and helps your body remain in an upright position. Combining the hand ascender with the CMI Foot Ascender allows your leg and arms to get you to the top easier and faster. Available in Right or Left models.
Price $85.00
CMI Rope Washer
Wash with high pressure spiraling water for a thorough cleaning of up to 5/8" rope.
Price $49.50
cmi-rack.jpgCMI NFPA Rack
CMI Sport Racks are formed from 3/8" diameter stainless steel and are fitted with oversize stainless steel bars. We chose stainless steel over aluminum because of its "wearever" qualities. In order to compensate for the reduced friction inherent in stainless bars, we increased the radius of the friction surface to a full 1/2". The result is a longer wearing bar with maximum control. With the "open back" style of the bars featured on CMI Rappel Racks, improper rigging is easier to spot which aids in accident avoidance. CMI Rescue Racks are designed along the lines of the original "super rack." They come pre-rigged with six bars, five straight slotted stainless steel and an oversize aluminum top bar to aid in locking off. Strength:19,000lbs
Price $115.00
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