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478.jpgKONG XL Carbon Steel ANSI
Three stage auto lock. 50kN strength and gate strength 16kN. CE Certified ANSI
Price $29.00
Carabiner Classic Key Lock/Screw Lock
Strength: Aluminum 6,750#
Price $18.00
aluminum-xl-carabiner.jpgAluminum XL Carabiner
Strength 6,750#
Price $22.00
steel-xl-carabiner.jpgSteel XL Carabiner
Strength 11,925#
Price $23.00
carabiner-oval-key-lock.jpgCarabiner Oval Key Lock
Aluminum 6,750#, Steel 7,875#, Stainless 11,250#
Price $17.00
Carabiner X-Large Key Lock
Aluminum 6,750#, Steel 7,875#, Stainless 11,250#
Price $20.00
Carabiner X-Large Parabiner
Aluminum 6,750#, Steel 7,875#, Stainless 11,250#
Price $19.00
carabiner-screw--key-lock.jpgCarabiner X_Large Key Lock/Screw Lock
Aluminum 6,750#, Steel 7,875#, Stainless 11,250#
Price $19.00
kong-trapezium.jpgKong Trapezium
Carbon steel quick link. Closed with a wrench, it becomes a semi-permanent anchor ring. The elongated shape allows a wider opening of the gate. High quality, tested piece by piece.
Price $20.00
478.jpgXL 3 Stage Auto Lock ANSI Approved
Steel rated 7,875#
Price $29.00
petzl-paw.jpgPetzl Paw Rigging Plate
Master your rope organization on any scale, whether you are setting up a slackline, tyrolean traverse, or a haul system to pull your car out of that ditch. For easy organization of the work area and for creating multiple anchor systems 19mm holes allow the locking sleeves of most carabiners to pass through Made of aluminum: excellent strength-to-weight ratio Breaking strength: 36 kN
Reg. Price $54.00 $48.00 On Sale!
kong-ovalone-dna-twist-locKong Ovalone DNA
Special "helical-shaped" connector with a twisted carbon steel body and circular bar, a must have when an "offset" load is required. It permits 90degree rotation of any connected device (descenders, rope clamps, fall arresters,ets.), optimizing the operating alignment. Twist Lock (2movements) sleeve. Conforms to CE or ANSI stanmdards.
Price $41.00
kong-ovalone-ovalKong Ovalone Oval Carabiner
Carbon steel, wide opening. High load of 40 KN perfect for heavy applications and for connections to structural anchors, lifelines, etc. The reinforced sleeve increases the resistance in case of lateral stress as required by ANSI. Auto block 3 movements to open.
Price $33.00
petzl-p15bPetzl Mallion P15B
Stock Diameter: 10 mm Material: steel Inside Length: 3 3/8" Inside Width: 13/16" Gate opening: 13/16" Weight: 158 g Normal Working Load: 2,205 lb Breaking strength: 11,020 lb
Price $12.00
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