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Awning Cleaners

winsol-awning-armor.jpgWinsol Vinyl Awning Armor
For vinyl awnings only. After you have cleaned the awning, make it soft and bright. 1 gallon covers approx. 8,000-12,000 sq. ft.
Price $70.00
winsol-awning-protectant.jpgWinsol Vinyl Awning Cleaner and Protectant
Use on vinyl awnings only. One step cleaning and protecting on light stains or dirt. One gallon covers approx. 10,000 sq. ft.
Price $38.00
winsol-deep-clean.jpgWinsol Awning Deep Clean
Use on vinyl or fabric awnings. The dirtiest, dullest awnings can look like new again. 1 gallon covers approx. 6,000-8,000 sq. ft.
Price $53.00
winsol-awning-guard.jpgWinsol Awning Gaurd 690 Plus
After cleaning fabric or canvas awnings use to repel water and stains for up to a year. 1 Gallon covers approx. 1800 sq. ft.
Price $80.00
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