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scrim.jpgScrim Cloth
These 36"x36" Scrim (linen) cloths are hemmed, prewashed and ready for work. The size is at first intimidating but soon you will realize that the size has its advantages. Getting it broken in for its best use takes a few days but the wait is worth it because the more you use it the more you love it. Use little detergent and air dry for best results.
Price $9.00
towel-new-prewashed.jpgTowels New/Prewashed Blue
25 pieces. Blue Huck Surgical Towels. These towels are brand new. They are lint free and have been prewashed and folded to assure excellent absorbency. They are 100% cotton and hemmed on all 4 sides. These towels are the choice of window cleaners and professional janitorial services. They do wonders on mirrors and hard to clean chrome.
Price $33.00
100% natural cotton-Super absorbent-Some say it's as good as a chamois-use over and over (not a disposable)-Hemmed-Prewashed (reclaimed)
Price $12.00
hip-clip.jpgHip ClipPrice $5.50
ettore-micro-swipe.jpgEttore Micro Swipe
Use damp to remove dirt and grease on window frames and other surfaces. Use dry to spot clean streaks or fingerprints on glass and mirrors. Highly absorbent and lint free.
Price $6.00
ettore-microfiber-towels.jpgEttore MicroFiber Towels
These all-purpose microfiber cloths clean without chemicals and trap dust and dirt even when dry. Highly absorbent and lint free.
Price $8.00
Steccone Micro Fiber Cloth
Wet with water to clean interior windows without any streaking! Double faced with 16 times more expanded fiber area than all other synthetic cloths. Throw it in the washing machine when it's dirty.
Price $7.00
Unger Micro Wipe
Micro Fiber fabric superior action wipes can be used wet or dry to make any cleaning job easier. Ideal for window frames and final polishing on all surfaces.
Price $5.00
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