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Scrubbers Bars

moerman-tbar.jpgMoerman T BarPrice $6.00
Ettore Super System Pro+T-BarPrice $10.00
Ettore Pro+T-BarPrice $6.00
Ettore Pro Grip T-Bar
Rubber padded handle with contour for your hand.
Price $6.50
EttoreT-Bar Price $5.50
Ettore Backflip
Channels are 2" longer than stated size.
Price $30.00
sorbo-swivel-bar.jpgSorbo Swivel Bar & Parts
Click Sorbo logo for Product Video!

Price $10.00
Sorbo Fixed T-BarPrice $6.50
pulex-red-tbar.jpgPulex Red T-BarPrice $6.50
Pulex T-BarPrice $6.00
Pulex Aluminum BarPrice $5.50
pulex-technolite-tbar.jpgPulex Technolite T BarPrice $7.50
Pulex Swivel BarPrice $8.50
Unger ErgoTec T-BarPrice $7.50
unger-ninja-tbar.jpgUnger Ninja Swivel Bar
Added to the Unger Ninja line most recently is their new Swiveling Tbar. It has been worth the wait for the quality that they have produced.
Price $12.00
Unger Swivel Loc T-BarPrice $13.50
wagtail-applicator.jpgWagtail Washer (Applicator)
Click Wagtail logo for Product Videos!

Price $18.00
moerman-comb.jpgMoerman Combinator
Created to save you time and make you more money. It is an ergonomic, lightweight and versatile system that is great for pole work, residential and store fronts. The unique design of the washing sleeve makes it much lighter than other combi tools. Most combination tools use a standard washing sleeve. But only half of the sleeve is usable, so the additional sleeve material is holding extra solution and needless weight. The shape of the Combinator premium microfiber sleeve allows the Liquidator to get to the edges of the glass for perfect, detail-free drying and reduces the overall weight of the tool while delivering the perfect amount of cleaning solution and scrubbing power. Available in 10", 14" & 18".
Price $32.95
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