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1550 91st Avenue NE #106
Blaine, MN 55449

Local: (763) 786-1093
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Petzl Descender


Part ID:

The anti panic feature allows for manual or auto-braking. Easily installs on the rope without disconnecting from your harness. Comes in 2 sizes:D20L=use with 7/16" or 1/2" rope or D20S=use with 7/16" only.


Petzl Navaho Bod Harness

$395.00  $350.00  On Sale!

Part ID:

NAVAHOŽ BOD Work positioning and fall arrest multi-purpose harness. * Excellent balance between comfort when hanging and freedom of movement. * Sternal and dorsal attachment points can be used to connect a fall-arrest system and help ensure that the user is suspended in the correct position after a fall. * One ventral and two lateral attachment points for multiple hands-free work positioning configurations. * Leg loops equipped with DoubleBack buckles. Certifications: NFPA, ANSI & CSA


Petzl Navaho Fast Harness

$410.00  $375.00  On Sale!

Part ID: PFL

Size Larage only. All in one full body harness for fall arrest, work positioning, and rescue. Molded foam padded shoulder and waist belt with rear buckle restraint attachment point. Padded shoulder straps come with dorsal and front attachment points. Hip positioning rings for a stable working position. Three equipment loops with slots for tool carriers. Adjustable leg loops and shoulder straps with Double Back buckles. FAST version is equipped with quick release buckles on the leg loops for easy donning without readjustment.


Petzl 39" Jane Lanyard


Part ID: PJL

The Petzl Jane Lanyard is made from dynamic rope with stitched terminations. The lanyard features plastic protectors on the ends to ensure that the carabiners are optimally positioned.


Petzl Ascender Left Hand


Part ID: B17L

These are the Ascension model which makes them the best! Comfort makes these the handle of choice. Pair these with a foot ascender and you are up in no time. This one fits your left hand.


Petzl Ascender Right Hand


Part ID: B17R

These are the Ascension model which makes them the best! Comfort makes these the handle of choice. Pair these with a foot ascender and you are up in no time. This one fits your right hand.


Petzl Helmet


Part ID:

Adjustable ventilation: 5 holes on each side, can be closed with 2 sliding shutters. # Polycarbonate shell, resistant to impact and wear. Simple, complete adjustability: --a single adjustment wheel with 2 height positions adjusts the headband size,adjustable chin strap. # Comfortable


Petzl Croll


Part ID: B16

Thanks to the twisted position of the attachement hole on this Petzl climbing rope ascender, the Croll is always held flat against the stomach. The upper rectangular hole on this climbing ascender allows the attachment of shoulder straps for support. These Petzl ascenders are fitted with an ergonomically shaped opening clip which is easily gripped between the thumb and index finger.


Petzl Croll Strap


Part ID: C74

The Petzl C74 Secur is an adjustable shoulder strap. ... The Secur is used to support a chest mounted ascender Petzl Croll.


Petzl Shunt


Part ID: B03

A multi purpose device designed for ascending as well as a backup break. Will work on any Kernmantle 8-11mm rope. Loads onto rope without having to unclip.

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